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Heavy Duty Cantilever Rack

Heavy Duty Cantilever Rack

As a professional heavy duty cantilever rack manufacturer in China, we can provide two kinds of heavy duty cantilever rack, including single sided cantilever rack and double sided cantilever rack.

Characteristics of our Heavy Duty Cantilever Rack
1. Our heavy duty cantilever rack is designed with a long cantilever and can bear heavy loads, which makes it very suitable for storing long goods, such as heavy steel products, steel pipes, and timber.
2. It can be designed with a single sided cantilever or double-sided cantilever and adjustment of the cantilever arm is made in 10 centimeter increments to your desired height so that goods of different sizes can be stored on it.
3. Our heavy duty cantilever rack is the ideal racking system for storing beams.
4. This economical cantilever rack is easy to assemble and no tools are required during the assembly process.
5. There are no uprights on the aisle, making it easy to store and retrieve goods.
6. Your special requirements on sizes and accessories can be satisfied.

In addition to heavy duty cantilever rack, we also offer carton live storage, workbenches, mezzanines, pallet racking, and material handling equipment, among other products.
Our heavy duty cantilever racks and other products are very safe and are designed rationally, being used widely in warehouses, logistics centers, supermarkets, offices, and many other areas.
If you would like to order our heavy duty cantilever racking, heavy duty shelving or other products, please contact us.

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